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Welcome! -- my journal is friends only.


Hi there, I am pretty much obsessed, you'll find mostly Supernatural here: Sam and Dean Winchester, Wincest and J&J. I am a Bi-Bro loving fan (no hating on any of the boys over here) but i guess Dean and Jensen own a slightly bigger part of my heart.

I also post completely random stuff, rl rambles, and other tv shows I love.
I don't tolerate spn wank or bashing of any kind, this is my fandom happy place, so please do not take that fuckery into my journal.
Chronic commenter and obsessive poster
red like blood is my baby ♥
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Leave a comment here if you'd like to be added to my friends filter and I'll most likely add you if we have stuff in common or have met via someone else's journal. I like making new friends but I don't automatically friend back and I won't add you if I haven't seen you around and know nothing about you.
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